Dartmu.Com – S18 New Start – Noreset X15 – Season 18 – Exp 15 – Drop 30


Dartmu.Com is your ultimate destination for the newest season of Mu Online – Season 18. With a fresh start and a thrilling Noreset X15 gameplay, players can expect an unforgettable gaming experience. Our server offers an exp rate of 15 and a drop rate of 30, ensuring a balanced and challenging adventure. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world filled with epic battles, unique quests, and powerful items. Join us on this exciting journey and show off your skills in PvP battles against other players. Are you ready to conquer the world of Mu Online? Join Dartmu.Com now and let the adventure begin!

Dartmu.Com – S18 New Start – Noreset X15 Season 18 – Alpha Test: 14/2/2024 – Open Beta: 15/2/2024 – Exp 15x Drop 30% – Professional anticheat, no cheaters, freebies of 500 credits, web item market, achievements, gift code freebies…. – Mu Online mới ra tháng 2 2024

Trang chủ: https://www.dartmu.com/

Fanpage hỗ trợ: https://www.facebook.com/dartmuonline/

Server X15 NoReset – Opening 15. February by Dart MU. https://www.dartmu.com/

🔵 Low experience server for grinding levels and item hunting! Pretty hard style game play with nice leveling road including special custom Quest system with enjoyable rewards.

✅ Helpful & Responsible administration. We care your opinion!
✅ Special features available: Web Item Market, Gift Code Freebies, Achievements, Donation Rewards, Daily VIP Rewards, Wheel of Fortune.
✅ The best season server files. Enjoy the best possible quality!
✅ Unique conceptual game worlds. You will not get bored here!
✅ Automatized Monthly events: Top Voter, BC, DS, CC!
✅ Automatized in-game Events and Boss announcements!
✅ Special New Jewels and Unique New Quests and Rewards!
✅ No Webshop and No ready items for sale. Only some materials!
✅ 24/7 Uptime and protection dodos, cheats! High stability anti hack!

Version: Premium Season 18 Part 1-3
Experience Regular | Master: 15x | 90x
Max Level Regular | Master: 400 | 1100
Max total level is 1500
Balanced bosses and map spots
Custom Quest System
Custom New Jewels
Unique boss and Event rewards
Many cool ingame Events
PvP and PvE class balance
Max Connections per 1 Computer: 3

Register: https://www.dartmu.com/registration
Download: https://www.dartmu.com/downloads

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